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Residential Real Estate

Real estate is likely to be the largest investment anyone will ever make in life. You need to protect that investment by using the services of a real estate lawyer to protect your rights when you purchase your property to make sure that the seller delivers what was promised and that you have good title. But, even after you have bought your property, you still need the services of a lawyer to help you with registering and discharging your mortgage if you re-mortgage in the future. Finally, when you sell, you need to understand what your legal obligations are to the people now buying from you.

Sadly, sometimes a co-owner will pass away and the surviving owner needs to take legal steps to have the deceased person’s name removed from title.

Sometimes people separate or divorce and one spouse will buy the other spouse’s interests in their home requiring a change in ownership.

At other times you might choose to purchase another piece of real estate, such as a summer cottage to get away to, or another home as an investment for rental income purposes, or even for one of your adult children to live in.

The requirements of real estate law can be confusing and confounding. For example, which documents need to be registered and how do they get registered, why you need to have title insurance (and what is title insurance anyway), and what do the many documents that you have to sign all mean. Not only do you need a real estate lawyer to represent you through this legal process, but you need a law firm that cares about the quality of its work, from the beginning to the end, and takes the time to ensure that you understand everything about the process that you need to know.

If you bought a house, with a real estate agent or privately, it is advisable to contact a real estate lawyer as soon as possible as any delay may have an adverse effect on your closing.

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