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Marie G Michaels & Associates

MARIE G. MICHAELS & ASSOCIATESOver two decades ago, Marie G. Michaels set out on a mission to establish a community-based family law firm that served the needs of families in the local area. The mission has been successful and Marie is proud of the excellent reputation her firm has earned while serving the Durham Region, with a team of dedicated professionals.

We have two locations serving the Durham Region: Ajax, west of the Oshawa Courthouse, and, Bowmanville, east of the Oshawa Courthouse. These locations make it easy for anyone in Durham Region to meet one of the lawyers at either of these offices. While our main focus is in Durham, we also serve clients in nearby jurisdictions such as the Greater Toronto Area, Lindsay, Peterborough, Cobourg and Newmarket.

Marie has gathered a group of like-minded professionals as part of the team at Marie G. Michaels & Associates. We are committed to continued education and training, as well as ensuring that we are up-to-date with changes in the law. That includes Marie’s decision some years ago to pursue certification as a, highly trained collaborative lawyer.

We’re known for our reputation in being successful, and have a proven record of excellence in the areas of negotiating and reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements. This has often meant by-passing the court completely. Unfortunately, some cases have to go the route of Court and, after we have exhausted all other options, we display our success in courtroom situations. We continue to be proud of our track record in highly challenging cases and our victory in court with them. Marie has had occasion to appear before the Ontario Court of Appeal twice to defend appeals of successful trial decisions.  On both occasions, the defence was a success and the client overjoyed that the trial verdict remained unchanged when the appeal was over.

How do we do this? With over 20 years of dedication, knowledge, and expertise in Family Law we are always prepared!

~ Our experience puts you in the best position going forward, with a firm that you can rely on. ~

~ Our experience puts you in the best position going
forward, with a firm that you can rely on. ~

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