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Real Estate Law

The Ontario New Home Warranty Program

It is against the law in Ontario to build and sell new homes without being registered with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program. This includes builders and sellers and also their trustees, mortgagees, receivers, and liquidators. The home must be enrolled before construction commences. The Act does

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What Does The Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Mean

Did you ever wonder what all the fine print meant on the pre-printed form when buying or selling a house? This article covers each clause of the Ontario Real Estate Association form. Firstly, the full legal names of the buyer(s) and seller(s) are set out. This is

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Agreement For Sale

The concept of an Agreement for Sale must be distinguished from an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Under the latter, there is generally one date on which the purchaser takes possession and acquires ownership. The purchaser pays the balance due on closing usually by arranging mortgage financing.

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